Welcome To Unity Health Care Services - Serving Maryland.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Unity Health Care Services is to provide the best of care at an affordable price and to optimize quality care to the persons served. 

To ensure that the utmost is done to increase their independence, health and wellness in their home and community, while showing them compassion and understanding.


Skilled Nursing:

• Pain Management
• Medication Administration / Teaching
• Skin Care
• Wound Care Management
• Tube Feeding (G-Tube, J-Tube, NG-Tube) Management
• TPN Feeding and Maintenance
• Nutritional Education/Counseling
• IV Therapy
• Injection Administration
• Ventilator Management
• Tracheostomy Care
• Bi-PAP/C-PAP Management
• Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Spinal Cord Injury Management
• Incontinence Care
• Colostomy Care
• Catheter Care
• Pediatric Nursing


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Our Philosophy:

We believe that every individual is entitled to quality and appropriate healthcare. This agency operates on the premises that quality healthcare is a natural right and we respect this right as the bases of our operations.


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